Coating walls with EP Colorshield wall coating

It is important that the walls in the bathroom, kitchen, living room e.g. are easy to keep clean and are resistant to water, oil and grease. Are you planning to treat your bathroom or kitchen walls with epoxy? RESION wall coating (EP Colorshield) is the ideal solution for this. In this article, you will read why you should use EP Colorshield and, perhaps more importantly, how to use this epoxy coating. Let's explain step by step:

  • Step 1: Priming (preparation)
  • Step 2: Making EP Colorshield
  • Step 3: Applying EP Colorshield (processing)
  • Step 4: Finishing

You can use EP Colorshield epoxy coating, in addition to wall coating, for coating applications for the underwater hull of boats, bilges, inside sides of boats, concrete finishing, inside of trailers and horse trailers. Plus all other applications where a water- and chemical-resistant, hard coating can be used.

Why use EP Colorshield?

In this article, we use EP Colorshield. This universal roller coating from the RESION brand is the only epoxy you can apply vertically! This makes the Colorshield very suitable as a wall coating. You can use this epoxy coating to treat the walls in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or hobby room, for example. By treating the walls in the rooms with Colorshield, you can easily clean them, which is very hygienic! Besides being easy to apply, seamless and vertical, the EP Colorshield wall coating has other distinctive advantages:

  • Solvent-free (so can also be applied in hard-to-ventilate areas).
  • Easy to apply with a roller.
  • Resistant to water/moisture, oil, grease, petrol and various chemicals.
  • Highly wear-resistant and resistant to pressure, impact and shock loads.
  • Available in all RAL colours.

How do you apply EP Colorshield (wall coating)?

Applying the wall coating can be done very easily with a roller or brush on almost all substrates. In the step-by-step plan below, we explain how to use EP Colorshield to treat your wall.

Tools and supplies:

Step 1: Priming substrates

Before applying the Colorshield, it is important to prepare the substrate properly by applying a primer. This removes the suction of the substrate to improve the adhesion of the epoxy roller coating! Choose a primer that suits the substrate. At Polyestershoppen, you have a choice of different primers:

Mix the primer base with the hardener and mix carefully. Apply the primer with a velour roller. After curing, light sanding may be necessary to remove unevenness. After applying the primer, you can proceed with the preparation and application of EP Colorshield.

Step 2: Making EP Colorshield

Making the epoxy roller coating is very simple:

  • Carefully weigh the base component and hardener according to the mixing ratio on the packaging (100:25).
  • Mix the components thoroughly for 3 minutes.
  • Pour the mixture into a clean mixing container and stir again gently but thoroughly.

Step 3: Applying/processing EP Colorshield 

After you have prepared the wall coating, you can now apply it to the wall.

  • You simply apply EP Colorshield with a velour roller or paint brush (the application time is 20 minutes at 20℃).
  • Let the roller coating cure for 24 hours at 20℃.
  • If necessary, after sanding with 180-grit paper, you can apply a second coat of Colorshield.
  • When using the coating in a wet room (such as a bathroom or kitchen), allow the epoxy coating to cure for 4-5 days before using the room (for application in other rooms, the roller coating is cured after 2-4 days).
Tip: always use the right protective equipment while processing EP Colorshield.

Step 4: Finishing

EP Colorshield leaves a glossy finish. Do you prefer a different gloss level? You can use the following products to adjust the gloss. We also recommend finishing Colorshield with DD Lacquer to improve colour retention.

More information about wall coating?

In the step-by-step plan above, you were able to read how to apply RESION's wall coating and what the advantages of this epoxy coating are. You can easily order EP Colorshield at Orders palced before 5:30 PM Dutch time will be sent today! Do you still have questions about EP Colorshield (or other products) after reading this article? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. Our specialists will be happy to provide tips and advice for your project. You can get in touch by calling +31850220090, sending an email to or using our live chat.

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