RESION EP Colorshield wall coating

RESION EP Colorshield wall coating (1,25kg)
RESION EP Colorshield wall coating (5kg)
RESION EP Colorshield wall coating (1,25kg)
RESION EP Colorshield wall coating (5kg)
  • Epoxy roll coating
  • Vertical application
  • Water and chemical resistant

RESION EP Colorshield is a universal roller coating suitable for coating various applications, such as boat bilges, walls in bathrooms or kitchens, trailers, steel structures, etc etc. The unique feature of this roller coating is that it is the only epoxy you can apply vertically. In addition, EP Colorshield is solvent-free and highly resistant to water, grease, oil and various chemicals.

EP Colorshield is a good alternative to De IJssel Variopox roll coating. Before applying Colorshield, it is important to prepare the substrate properly by applying a primer to promote adhesion. For example, use primer for dry substratesmoist substratessmooth substrates or ZF Primer for metal substrates. EP Colorshield needs several coats especially with light colours to create good coverage.

Benefits of EP Colorshield

  • The only epoxy that can be applied vertically (very suitable as a wall coating, bathroom coating)
  • Highly UV resistant and therefore very colourfast
  • Free of solvents (can therefore also be applied in spaces that are difficult to ventilate)
  • Easy to apply with a roller
  • Resistant to water, oil, grease, petrol and various chemicals
  • Very durable and resistant to pressure, impact and shock loads


 EP Colorshield is suitable for many different applications such as:

  • Walls
  • Small floors
  • Sanitairy rooms
  • Ship's planking
  • Bilges
  • Machinery spaces
  • Humid places
  • Steel staircases

Using EP Colorshield

You can easily apply this RESION wall coating by following these steps:

  • Carefully weigh the base component and hardener according to the mixing ratio on the packaging (100:25). 
  • Mix the components thoroughly for 3 minutes. Pour the mixture into a clean mixing container and stir vigorously again.
  • Apply EP Colorshield evenly to the substrate using a velvet roller or disposable brush (the application time is 20 minutes).
  • Allow the roller coating to cure for 24 hours at 20℃.
  • If necessary, apply a second coat of Colorshield after sanding with 180-grit paper.
  • After 2-4 days the epoxy coating is fully cured.
  • Finally, finish the coating with DD Lacquer for best colour retention. 

To carry out all the steps properly, we have put together a handy  auxiliary materials package for processing Colorshield. When using light colours, we recommend applying several layers of EP Colorshield for good coverage.

Tip: for detailed instructions, see our information article: Coating walls with EP Colorshield wall coating!

Product properties

Packaging Base (EP202) Hardener (EP212) Volume
1.25 kg 1 kg 0.25 kg approx. 0.9 liter
5 kg 4 kg 1 kg approx. 3.6 liter

Mixing ratio: 100:25 (parts by weight)
Colour: available in all RAL colours
Gloss: high gloss
Density: approx. 1,4 g/cm3 (mixed product)
Processing time: 20 minutes (20℃)
Minimum processing temperature: 15℃
Dust dry: after approx. 4 hours
Fully hardened: after approx. 2-4 days, can be walked on after 24 hours
Shelf life: at least 12 months (not mixed, in original packaging, stored in a cool and frost-free place)                                                                                                                                                         Yield: 

  • Normal flat surface: 10,0 m2/L
  • Textured/uneven substrate: 6,7 m2/L 

(Practical yield depends on a number of factors such as the shape of the object, the condition and profile of the surface, the method of application, the weather conditions and the skill of the applicator).


More information?

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