Coltech Transelast Wood Coating

Coltech Transelast Wood Coating
Coltech Transelast Wood Coating
  • 1 component
  • For wooden decks, railings etc.
  • Flexible and durable

Coltech Transelast Wood Coating is designed to protect boat decks against weathering and heavy use. Coltech Transelast is a high built, aliphatic PU coating providing absolute UV and light resistance, extreme durability due high coating thickness, high elasticity preventing cracks and peel-offs, water vapor permeability in order to allow moisture to dissipate and the wood to behave naturally and extrmey high resistance to alcohol, gasoline and cleaning agents.

As a result, your boat deck will look new again and will be protected from the combined weather influences and heavy use.

Coltech Transelast Wood Coating is available in a gloss and a matt version. The matt version can be applied as a final coat over the gloss version. Always build up the desired layer thickness with the glossy version.

Features Coltech Transelast Wood Coating

  • 1 component
  • Very easy to apply, ready for use
  • UV- and weather-resistant
  • Forms a thick, strong and transparent membrane
  • Elastic, not prone to tearing, does not peel off
  • Heavy duty, easy to walk on
  • Salt water resistant
  • Very long life span


Coltech Transelast Wood Coating can be used for the following applications:

  • Wooden decks
  • Wooden stairways
  • Wooden fenders
  • Wooden railings
  • Wooden masts
  • Wooden crates
  • Wooden blocks
  • Wooden swords and rudders


Packaging: tin 0.75 ltr
Glans: high gloss or matt 
Dilute with: Transelast Solvent
Application: with brush or roller


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