DD Double Coat Karaat

DD Double Coat Karaat
DD Double Coat Karaat (mahonie)
DD Double Coat Karaat (teak)
DD Double Coat Karaat
DD Double Coat Karaat (mahonie)
DD Double Coat Karaat (teak)
  • High gloss transparent varnish
  • With these colour effects:
  • Teak, mahogany, oak

DD Double Coat Karaat has been specially developed for levelling and touching up discoloured wood or to nuance the colour of new wood. The double coat paint has high filling capacity, making it very suitable for smoothing out small irregularities. Thanks to its excellent properties, the lacquer is easy to apply with a brush, roller or spraying equipment.

Before applying the coat, the old paint layers should be cleaned thoroughly. We also recommend roughing up the surface with 120-180-grit sandpaper. Please note that DD Double Coat Karaat cannot be used with old paint layers consisting of one component paint. Apply 1-2 layers of DD Double Coat Karaat and then top with DD Paint Double UV

Benefits of DD Double Coat Karaat

  • Very easy to process
  • Excellent flow (no orange peel)
  • Good resistance to chemicals and salt water
  • High scratch resistance
  • Excellent gloss retention, does not yellow

Product properties

Mixing ratio: 75 parts by weight of base and 25 parts by weight of hardener
 approx. 125 grams/m2
750 ml
Colour: teak, mahogany, oak
Application: brush, roller or sprayer
Thinner (brush): Double Coat Brush thinner (0-5%)
Thinner (sprayer): Double Coat Spray thinner (10-15%)
Processing time: approx. 60 minutes (dust dry after 2 hours)

View the technical information sheet for more properties of DD Double Coat Karaat.

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Double Coat Karaat | Mahonie | 0,75 liter

Code Description
MDI As from 24 August 2023 adequate training is required before industrial or professional use

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