Epifanes Copper-Cruise

Epifanes Copper-Cruise
Epifanes Copper-Cruise
  • High performance antifouling
  • Self-abrasive
  • Contents: 0.75 & 2.5 ltr

Epifanes Copper-Cruise is a copper- and biocide-containing high performance antifouling. This antifouling has a hard scrubable surface and has optimal copper release, which is good as an antifouling. The hard and scrubable surface makes Epifanes Copper-Cruise suitable for all types of ships sailing up to 30 knots in fresh, brackish and/or salt water.

Features Epifanes Copper-Cruise

  • Self-sharpening antifouling
  • Copper-based
  • Suitable for all types of ships (up to 30 knots)
  • Suitable for fresh, brackish and salt water


You can use Epifanes Copper-Cruise as an anti-fouling layer for all types of wooden, steel and polyester yachts in combination with Epifanes CR antifouling primer. After pre-treatment, it is also possible to use the product as a direct application over existing, well adhering, hard and self-sharpening, copper-based antifouling. Preferably apply undiluted. Copper-Cruise antifouling is not suitable for aluminum ships.

Tip: dilute Copper-Cruise with Epifanes paint thinner.

Technical properties

Packaging: 0.75 litre and 2.5 litres
Consumption: approx. 10 m2 per litre per coat
Minimum speed: 5 knots
Maximum speed: 30 knots
Colour: reddish brown, black, light blue, dark blue, off-white, bright red
Min. processing temperature: 5°C
Can be painted: after 6 hours at 18°C
Gloss: semi-gloss
Recommended layer thickness per coat: 80-100 µm (wet), 40-50 µm (dry)
Shelf life:  at least 2 years from production date, if stored in closed packaging at a temperature between 5°C and 30°C 

View the technical documentation for more properties of Epifanes Copper-Cruise antifouling! 

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