Tec7 Sealing Adhesive

  • Strong 1-component sealant
  • For bonding, mounting and sealing
  • Hardens even under water

The popular Tec7 is a 1-component sealing adhesive which is suitable for bonding, mounting and sealing. This elastic polymer sealant offers excellent adhesion to various materials and has a very high final strength. This makes Tec7 the first choice for many applications where high end strength and fast curing are required. The polymer kit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can also be used for bonding under water.

Tec7 sealing adhesive easily replaces assembly adhesive, wood adhesive, PU adhesive, sanitary silicone sealant, acrylic sealant and butylene sealant.

Tip: are you looking for a transparent sealant with similar properties? You can also order Trans7 Sealing Adhesive.

Benefits of Tec7 Sealing Adhesive 

  • Excellent adhesion (also on wet surfaces).
  • After curing, super strong and permanently elastic.
  • Excellent resistance to UV light and mould.
  • Water and airtight.
  • Almost odourless (free of solvents and isocyanates).


Always apply the sealing adhesive to a clean, dust and grease-free substrate. If necessary clean the surface with Tec7 Cleaner. You can easily apply the adhesive with a manual or air caulking gun at a temperature of minimum 5°C and maximum 40°C. The ideal glue thickness for and optimal strength is 3 mm. After approximately 25 minutes (at 23°C) the adhesive is tack-free and after at least 24 hours it is cured.

We advise to test the adhesion to plastics, powder coatings, exotic wood and bituminous materials. When glueing mirrors in sanitary facilities, only apply vertical strips of adhesive to avoid stagnant moisture due to condensation.

Applications Tec7 Sealing Adhesive 

Tec7 adhesive is very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Suitable for all applications: in the construction and sanitary sectors and general maintenance. Tec7 replaces mounting, wood and PU adhesive, silicone sealant, sanitary silicone sealant, acrylate adhesive and butyl caulking. 
  • Adheres to most substrates and does not affect synthetic materials.
  • Also suitable for mirrors, natural stone (does not bleed through), polyester, polystyrene foam and moist substrates.
  • Overpaintable with most common paints.
  • Lower adhesion on PP, PE bitumen and silicones.

This polymer sealant is very suitable for bonding vibrating constructions in the metal, container, wagon, ship, caravan and coachbuilding industry. In addition, you can use this product for bonding and sealing natural stone and mirrors. Joints and construction seams in wet areas can also be easily sealed using the Tec7 sealant. Furthermore, the sealing adhesive is also used for sealing countertops and sinks and for bonding facade panels, window sills and tiles.


Colour: black, white or grey
Contents: 310 ml tube
Base: MS-polymer
Skin formation: after 8 minutes (23°C)
Tack-free: after 25 minutes (23°C)
Full hardening:

  • 24 hours: 6 mm
  • 48 hours: 7 mm
  • 72 hours: 8 mm

Elongation at break: 350%
Chemical resistance: water, seawater, aliphatic solvents, oils, greases, dilute organic acids, lyes
Adhesion: excellent on polyester, epoxy, stone, concrete, mortar, glass, mirrors, metal, anodised or lacquered aluminum, galvanised steel, copper, brass, (hard) PVC, natural stone, wood etc.
Application: caulking gun 290-310 ml

For more technical properties, check out the Tec7 Sealing Adhesive technical datasheet.

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