Mirka DEROS 150 mm Sander

Mirka DEROS 150 mm Sander
Mirka Deros bottom view
Mirka Deros topview
Mirka DEROS 150 mm Sander (compilation)
Mirka Deros sanding application
Mirka DEROS 150 mm Sander
Mirka Deros bottom view
Mirka Deros topview
Mirka DEROS 150 mm Sander (compilation)
Mirka Deros sanding application
  • Sand like a pro!
  • 625CV, 650CV, 680CV
  • Diameter: 150 mm

Mirka Deros sanders are the best electric sanders on sale today. Weighing just 1 kg, the eccentric rotary sander is twice as light as other sanders in this class. This makes the Deros sander suitable for both sanding large areas and sanding in tight spaces.

The carbon brush-free motor gives the Mirka DEROS machine more than enough power to do any job quickly and effectively. Even under heavy load, the electronics ensure constant speed. We recommend always connecting a vacuum cleaner when sanding. That way you work safely, neatly and extend the life of your sander. 

Tip: check out the Mirka Deros 77 mm sander for an eccentric rotary sander with a diameter of 77 mm.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology

The Mirka Deros sander is equipped with Bluetooth technology. By using the MyMirka app, you keep full control over the sander. Through the app, you can see how long you have been sanding and you can control the vibration level. The app also indicates when the maximum recommended amount of vibration for that day is exceeded. This prevents conditions such as "white finger syndrome". Ideal for employer, employee and DIYer.

Mirka systainer (T-loc 2)

The sanders are available with a Mirka systainer. The Mirka T-Loc 2 systainer is the ideal storage solution. The systainer concept is modular, so you can connect multiple cases together using the handy click system. In addition, this systainer is flexible and easy to use. You can also store your sander accessories safely in the systainer. 

Features Mirka Deros (150 mm)

  • Lightweight, so you can sand even in tight spaces.
  • Low maintenance due to carbon brush-free motor.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and constant control of the machine with the MyMirka app.
  • Soft Start functie.
  • Feels comfortable in the hand (for left- and right-handers).
  • Support disc with central air inlet for excellent dust extraction.
  • After registration, 2-year warranty with Dutch repair service.

Which Deros sander do I need?

Mirka Deros sanders are available in three variants: 625CV, 650CV en 680CV. Each version features a different sanding stroke (the size of the eccentric circle the machine makes). Below is an explanation for each Deros model. Need advice on choosing the right sander for your job(s)? Feel free to contact our customer service team!

  • Mirka Deros 625CV (2.5 mm sanding stroke)
    Fine sanding is done with the Deros 625CV machine. The sander has a 2.5 mm sanding stroke, making it easy to achieve the desired result.

  • Mirka Deros 650CV (5 mm sanding stroke)
    Mirka Deros 650CV is the best-selling sander. With a 5 mm sanding stroke, this Deros version is universally applicable. For example, use this machine for sanding old layers of paint, polyester, epoxy tables, boats, etc.

  • Mirka Deros 680CV (8 mm sanding stroke)
    For coarse sanding, use the Deros 680CV version. This variant has an 8 mm sanding stroke, making it ideal for sanding large areas.

Technical properties

Pad diameter: 150 mm
Sanding pad: multi hole pattern
Backing plate: Velcro 
Sanding stroke: 2.5 mm, 5 mm or 8 mm
Adjustable speed: 4,000 - 10,000 rpm
Version: electric
Input power: 350 W
Dust extraction: yes
Weight: 1 kg
Systainer: optional (no systainer, low systainer 158 mm, high systainer 210 mm)

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