International B-Free Explore Antifouling (750 ml)

International B-Free Explore
International B-Free Explore
  • Biocide-free antifouling
  • Suitable for all substrates
  • Contents: 750 liters

B-Free Explore is a premium, biocide-free, foul-release technology for use on underwater hulls, providing a semi-gloss finish with low VOC providing multi-season performance. B-Free Explore offers boat owners many benefits, including good multi-season performance, improved boating performance and reduced fuel consumption. It is also a big plus that it is a biocide-free product, which in turn benefits the aquatic ecosystem.

Looking for a large pack? International B-Free Explore is also available in 2,5 litre packs.

Biocide-free antifouling

B-Free Explore is based on a specially developed and innovative silicone polymer technology. This unique paint provides a very smooth surface that helps prevent organisms (such as smallpox, tubeworms and mussels), from adhering to the hull. Specially developed for pleasure craft, this specific technology features water-repellent (hydrophobic) and water-attractive (hydrophilic) properties. This unique combination makes it very difficult for water organisms to attach to the hull. Any fouling will be removed by the resistance created while sailing.

Suitable surface and waterways

This antifouling system is suitable for use on aluminum / zinc-galvanised steel, cast iron, polyester (gelcoat), lead, steel and wooden substrates. In addition, B-Free Explore is suitable for boats sailing in seawater, freshwater and brackish water.

Tip: with the Antifouling auxiliary materials package you have all materials at home immediately! 

Benefits of B-Free Explore

  • Biocide-free (minimises impact on aquatic ecosystem).
  • Good performance for several seasons.
  • The smooth surface ensures efficiency and better boat performance. It also makes any fouling easy to remove.

Product properties

Packaging: 0.75 litres
Colour: navy, red, black, white (note: white is only available in 0.75 litre)
Recommended layers: 2-3 layers
Consumption: 9 m²/L
Application: brush or roller

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