How to cast epoxy?

Want to cast epoxy yourself? It will be easy with this guide. Epoxy is a synthetic resin with various capabilities. Epoxy consists of a liquid base component (resin) and a liquid hardener. After mixing the two elements, the material will harden into a hard, plastic-like material. The material is easy to process, even for the do-it-yourselfer. In our information center you will find plenty of articles for inspiration and to get started yourself!

Casting epoxy yourself

Do you want to cast epoxy yourself? Then you will need the following products:

  • Gather the things you want to use to cast in epoxy. If the object or material you want to use absorbs moisture, such as a photograph or newspaper, it is wise to seal it with white wood glue first. This will protect the object from discoloration.
  • Choose the right mould. A silicone mould is useful here because it does not adhere to epoxy.

Getting started with epoxy

Do you have everything you need? Then you can start pouring the epoxy resin. Always make sure you wear gloves and that the surface is covered with a cloth or garbage bag. Now mix the epoxy to the desired thickness and start pouring. Let the first layer cure thoroughly and remove air bubbles. After 2 hours of curing, you can always pour a second layer of epoxy.

The possibilities

As said there are countless possibilities with epoxy. It is easy to use and gives a beautiful result. On our website you will find all the manuals and products you need. Of course you can also contact us for advice!

Making art with epoxy

You can make countless products with epoxy. Think of coasters, jewelry, orgonites and much more. In our article 'Art with epoxy ' we list all the possibilities and instructions.

It is also possible to cast objects in a table with epoxy resin. You can make many creative creations to make beautiful epoxy tables. Think beer cups, coins, sand with shells and more. But you can also coat tables with a thin epoxy coating purely as protection.

Pouring an epoxy floor yourself

Een epoxyvloer zelf gieten, is met de producten van Polyestershoppen een makkie! Ten eerste is het van belang om te kiezen uit twee soorten vloeren: epoxy gietvloer of epoxy vloercoating. Vervolgens moet je de vloer voorbereiden. Daarna ga je de juiste primer aanbrengen voor je de vloer kunt afwerken. Lees hier alles over het aanleggen van epoxy vloeren.

Pouring an epoxy floor yourself is a breeze with Polyestershoppen's products! First, it is important to choose from two types of flooring: an epoxy cast floor or epoxy floor coating. Next, you need to prepare the floor. After that, you are going to apply the right primer before you can finish the floor. Read all about installing an epoxy floor here.

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