Carbon fabric 200 gr/m2 (twill weave) 100 cm

Carbon fabric 200 gr/m2 (twill weave) 100 cm
Carbon fabric 200 gr/m2 (twill weave) 100 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Easy to process

Carbon twill fabric is also known as carbon fabric. Known for its high rigidity, this carbon fibre is widely used in motorsport, aerospace, aircraft construction, yacht building and for applications in such industries.

Carbon fabric is very pliable and therefore suitable for products with a lot of shape, curves and details. This carbon fabric is also the most commonly chosen fabric because of its familiar appearance. The fabric can be used as a reinforcement fabric, but is also perfectly suitable for carbon overlay on, for example, a bonnet.

Carbon fabric processing

This fibre performs best with an epoxy resin, but is also used in combination with polyester resin for decorative layers. Aiming for the best performance? Then we recommend using vacuum techniques. However, this is not necessary for most applications.

Carbon fabric 200 gr/m2 is also available with a width of 125 cm.


Weight: 200 gr/m2
Weaving style: twill 2/2
Fibre: T300 3K or similar
Width: 100 cm or 125 cm
Thickness: 0.29 mm (by vacuum)
Thickness: 0.44 mm (by hand lamination)
Resin consumption: 390 gr/m2
Packaging: securely wrapped on a roll, in foil, in a cardboard box.

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