SoftSand Rubber Particles

  • Anti-slip grain
  • Grit: fine or medium
  • Colour: white or beige

SoftSand Rubber Particles give your boat deck a pleasant non-slip surface that is kind to skin, shoe soles, lines and sailing suits. SoftSand Rubber Particles are easy to apply and provide a durable non-slip surface that looks very good.

Use SoftSand Rubber Particles

SoftSand Rubber Particles can be used in two ways:

Mixing SoftSand into the paint (Mix 'n Go method)

Mix the rubber particles into the paint and apply with a roller. Spread the anti-slip particles with a structure roller. Apply 2 layers of lacquer in this way, using the sachtets of anti-slip powder.

Sprinkling SoftSand over the lacquer (Broadcast method)

Apply the lacquer in a slightly thicker layer than usual. Sprinkle the particles into the lacquer so that the entire surface is covered. After the lacquer has cured, you can wipe away the excess particles (they can be reused) and repaint the surface.

Usage SoftSand

Mix 'n Go method

  • a 125 ml sachet is sufficient for 1 kg of DD Coat.
  • a 500 ml sachet is sufficient for 4 kg of DD Coat.

Broadcast method

(ml / m2) Medium Fine
Sprinkled 500 400
Reusable 200 250
Residual 300 150

Product properties


  • 125 ml sachet
  • 500 ml sachet
  • 500 ml sprinkling can
  • 1000 ml sprinkling can


  • White
  • Beige

Grit size 

  • Fine
  • Medium

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