Tec7 Spray & PUR Gun

Tec7 Spray & PUR Gun
Tec7 Spray & PUR Gun Plus
Tec7 Spray & PUR Gun
Tec7 Spray & PUR Gun Plus
  • Suitable for PU foams
  • Accurate dosing
  • Easy to clean

Spray & PUR Gun can be used with most PUR foam spray cans which are currently available on the market. The Spray & PUR Gun allows you to control the dosing of PUR foam. Joints are accurately filled as a result, and doors and windows are assembled in a quick, easy and safe way. You can quickly and easily clean the Spray & PUR Gun with the help of Spray & PUR Cleaner.

This application gun is also available with an extra long nozzle (Spray & PUR Gun Plus). The long nozzle which can be extended offers you the possibility to also work in hard to reach places.


  • Perfect dosing
  • Non stick coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Available with long nozzle

Instructions for use

Tec7 Spray & PUR Gun is easy to use. To do this, follow the following instructions:

  • Check that the gun is in good working order.
  • Shake PUR well before use.
  • Screw the can quickly onto the gun.
  • Squeeze the trigger in order to fill the loop.
  • Use the flow regulator wheel to regulate the flow.

Clean the spray can valve and gun immediately after use with Spray & PUR Cleaner as prescribed for subsequent use. In cases of brief work stoppages,fully close the flow regulator wheel. Changes in the viscosity of the foam indicate poor sealing of the needle packing gland. In this case, remove the foam residues immediately with Spray & PUR Cleaner. Firmly tighten the adjusting screw on the needle packing gland using an 8mm wrench to make sure the gland seals again. Test the free movement of the needle and lubricate, if necessary. This ensures that the Tec7 Spray & PUR gun continues to perform optimally.

Recommended products

This application gun is very suitable for processing the following products:

We have a number of recommendations for working safely with polymers. At Polyestershoppen you will not only find the polymers themselves, but you can also purchase all the protective equipment you need from us. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our customer service. We can give you advice on how to work safely with polymers.

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