Tec7 SprayTec

Tec7 Spraytec
Tec7 Spraytec
  • Sprayable MS polymer adhesive
  • Applicable on damp surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly

Tec7 SprayTec is the first spray MS hybrid polymer adhesive for full-surface bonding. This spray adhesive has a number of fantastic properties that make it unique.

Repositionable (long processing time)

SprayTec has a long processing time (<60 minutes) so you can still reposition the bonding. This way you can accurately position the materials before the glue hardens.

Can be used on damp surfaces

One of the major advantages of this spray adhesive is the ability to bond efficiently on damp surfaces. This distinguishes Tec7 SprayTec from traditional spray adhesives where a dry surface is often required for good bonding. This property is ideal for bonding roofing.

Single-sided application

With contact adhesives it is often necessary to apply them on both sides. By using SprayTec it is sufficient to apply glue on one side, which simplifies the bonding process and increases efficiency. This simply means that you can bond twice as large a surface with the same amount of product.

Environmentally friendly

SprayTec is designed with a focus on health and the environment. The spray adhesive contains no solvents and is free of phthalates and isocyanates, which limits VOC emissions. This provides a healthier and safer environment and reduces the risk of possible respiratory problems or sensitivities caused by exposure to harsh chemicals.

Benefits Tec7 SprayTec

  • Safe on all materials.
  • Easy to use (no press or clamps needed).
  • Fast strength build-up.
  • Bacteria and mould resistant.
  • Solvent-free (100% solids).
  • Long processing time so the bonded surface can be repositioned.
  • Applicable to damp surfaces.

Applications of Tec7 ST7-101 (SprayTec)

The versatility of Tec7 SprayTec makes this spray adhesive the ideal solution for a large number of applications. SprayTec, for example, is suitable for bonding the applications below.


SprayTec simplifies bonding roofing materials, ranging from insulation to EPDM, PVC roofing and underlayment. Thanks to its compatibility with different roof layers, SprayTec is the ideal choice for a wide range of roof applications.


SprayTec is very suitable for bonding various floor materials including: laminate, vinyl, linoleum, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), cork, parquet and carpet. The moisture-curing properties and excellent adhesion result in a safe and durable installation.

General construction

You can use this spray adhesive for bonding insulation, waterproofing membrane (with the exception of PE), acrylic shower panels, acoustic wall panels and windproofing materials. Its high adhesion and durability make it a reliable solution in demanding construction environments.


Due to its healthy formulation, SprayTec is safe to use in workshops and is very suitable for bonding high-pressure laminate (HPL), veneer and sandwich panels.

Instructions for use

Follow the instructions below to process Tec7 SprayTec correctly:

Before use

  • Apply to a clean and stable surface. The substrate may be slightly moist.
  • Use Tec7 Prepare & Finish for safe cleaning and degreasing, for perfect finishing and for removing uncured Tec7 polymers. In case of heavy soiling, clean using Tec7 Cleaner.      
  • Due to the wide variety of different plastics and compositions, as well as materials prone to stress corrosion, preliminary tests are recommended.
  • Test adhesion to plastics, powder coatings, exotic woods and bituminous materials. 
  • Protect adjacent materials. 

During use 

  • Shake vigorously at least 20 times before use. Shake again regularly during use.
  • Screw the can onto the Spray & PUR Gun and turn the dosage knob fully open.Fit the SprayTec Nozzle for an even spray pattern.
  • Do a spray test on a test surface.
  • Spray from a distance of 30-50 cm.
  • Use several quick passes for an even layer thickness or slow for a bubble effect with more irregular but thicker layer build-up.
  • Allow the sprayed layer to evaporate for a few seconds before bonding. In the case of a thick layer with bubble effect, allow to evaporate for at least 1 minute. Immediately after spraying, bonded materials are easy to reposition. 45 to 60 minutes after spraying, the initial adhesion will strongly increase, ideal for vertical bonding. The maximum open time is +/- 75 minutes (at 23°C). Do not glue after skin formation.
  • Bring the materials to be bonded together and avoid large forces or belching during curing. After 12 to 24 hours, the adhesive is 95% cured. Complete curing after 7 days.

After use 

  • Remove uncured SprayTec with Prepare & Finish.
  • Thin layers of cured adhesive can be removed with Tec7 Remove All
  • Turn the empty canister of SprayTec off the gun and rinse the gun thoroughly internally and externally with Tec7 Spray & PUR Cleaner.
  • A started canister can remain mounted on the gun for a longer time and be reused. Close the dispensing screw and clean the gun externally with Spray & PUR Cleaner.
  • Due to the variety of lacquers and paints on the market, testing is recommended. Using alkyd resin-based products may interfere with the drying process of both the adhesive and the paint.


Technology: MS hybrid polymer
Contents: 750 ml
Density: 1.38
Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C
Skin formation: after 75 minutes (23°C)
Curing: 12-24 hours
Complete curing: after 7 days
Adhesion strength: 15 kg/cm²
Bonding: up to 5 m² per can (0.25 mm thickness)
Temperature resistance: -40°C to +90°C
Adhesive thickness: 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm
Shelf life: 12 months from production

View the technical documentation of Tec7 SprayTec for more technical features.

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