Impermax Swimming Pool Coating 2K

Impermax Zwembadcoating 2K (Paintchlore)
Impermax Zwembadcoating 2K (Paintchlore)
  • 2-componenten zwembadcoating
  • Alifatische polyurethaan
  • Uitstekende weerbestendigheid

Impermax Paintchlore 2K is the ultimate protection for your swimming pool. This 2-component coating guarantees excellent weather and outdoor resistance with high-quality aliphatic polyurethane (PU). This way, your swimming pool surface is effortlessly resistant to yellowing and weather influences. The swimming pool coating is easy to use and has excellent adhesion to various surfaces. This way, as a professional or as a do-it-yourselfer, you can effortlessly apply the product to polyurea, concrete and polyester surfaces.

Therefore, choose the Impermax swimming pool coating and enjoy a beautiful and well-protected swimming pool for longer!

Features Impermax swimming pool coating

  • Excellent weather and outdoors resistance.
  • Stable to yellowing and chalking.
  • Good resistance to chlorinated water (even in permanent immersion).
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Good adhesion to different kinds of substrates.


This swimming pool coating from Impermax is suitable for applications in swimming pools with a polyurea, concrete and polyester substrate.

Instructions for use

Prepare the surface well to promote good adhesion. Make sure the surface is completely clean and free of dirt, dust, grease or other contaminants.

Substrate preparation

  • Application on polyurea
    We recommend applying Paintchlore 2K (swimming pool coating) within a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 12 hours after spraying a new polyurea membrane. Are you going to apply the coating to existing polyurea substrates? Then first sand the surface to remove previous coatings and completely remove dust. Then treat the surface with Impermax Primer.

  • Application on cement/concrete:
    Ensure that the concrete is completely dry (approximately 28 days). It is important to prime with epoxy to achieve a clean/sealed surface. With new concrete it is important to remove leachate and contaminants that can affect adhesion. We recommend using a diamond grinder or sandblasting equipment for a proper preparation process.


Follow the steps below to properly apply the swimming pool coating:

  • Mix both components thoroughly in a 4:1 mixing ratio (20kg component A, 5kg component B).
  • After mixing you have a processing time of approximately 5 hours at 20°C.
  • Apply the coating crosswise in 2 layers of 200 grams/m² and let it harden.
  • After approximately 8 hours the swimming pool coating is completely hardened and after at least 7 days it is water resistant.
Tip: apply the coating crosswise to ensure good coverage.

Product properties

Contents: 25 kg (set)
Colour: blue (RAL 5015) or white (RAL 9010)
Gloss: high gloss
Packaging: 20kg A, 5kg B
Mixing ratio: 4:1
Application method: air gun, brush or roller
Product consumption: 200 g/m2
Processing time: 5 hours (at 20°C)
Dry to touch: 2 hours (at 10°C)
Full curing:
8 hours (at 10°C)
Water resistance: after 7 days minimum
VOC: 460 g/l
Primer: Impermax Primer
Thinner: Rayston PU Solvent

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