Rayston PU Solvent (Impermax thinner)

Rayston PU Solvent
Rayston PU Solvent
  • Thinner for Impermax products
  • Dilute with max. 5%
  • Contents: 4 kg & 9 kg

Rayston PU Solvent is a thinner for Rayston products such as Impermax Primer, Impermax B1K and Impermax LY. Use up to 5% of this thinner to modify the viscosity of the roofing material or use the product to clean tools.

Features PU Solvent

  • Suitable for diluting Impermax liquid roofing material.
  • Suitable for cleaning tools.

Instructions for use

Add up to 5% thinner to the product you are going to process. Then mix well with a mixing spatula. Avoid excessive formation of air bubbles by mixing gently by hand or by mixing mechanically at a low speed.

As a general rule, opened containers of Rayston products should be used completely. Nevertheless, diluted product can be stored in well-sealed containers. Avoid empty free spaces in the packaging as much as possible.


Contents: 1 kg, 4 kg, 9 kg
Colour: transparent/colourless
Flash point: 26°C
Density: 0.86 g/cm3 (20°C)
Viscosity: >1 mPa.s (20°C)
VOC content: 860 g/L, 100%
Shelf life: until 12 months after production

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