UD Glass Fabric 400 g/m2

UD Glass Fabric 400 g/m2
UD Glass Fabric 400 g/m2 (close)
UD Glass Fabric 400 g/m2
UD Glass Fabric 400 g/m2 (close)
  • Low resin absorption
  • Easy lamination
  • Very high tensile strength

UD glass fabric 400 g/m2 is a unidirectional high quality glass fabric which is used for building boats, surfboards, longboards, skis and similar applications. The laminated thickness of the glass fabric is 0.4 mm and consumption is about 320 grams per square metre.

What is unidirectional glass fabric?

UD glass fabric is a fabric that consists of a layer of unidirectional glass fibre, which is connected in the width direction by a small amount of glass fibres and stitching threads. This creates an easy-to-process UD fabric of large widths. The advantage of this type of glass fabric is that it can be used to create a lightweight yet rigid construction. Resin absorption is minimised because the fibres lie close together.

UD glass fabric delivers high bending and tensile strength.

Product properties

Weave type: UD (one way)
Weight: 400 gr/m2
To be used with: polyester resinvinylester resinepoxy resin
Resin consumption: approx. 320 gr/m2
Laminated weight: approx. 720 gr/m2
Thickness: 0.4 mm
Dimensions: 127 cm width
Type of supply:

1 rm: 127 cm x 1 rm (1.27 m2)
5 rm: 127 cm x 5 rm (6.35 m2)
20 rm: 127 cm x 20 rm (25.4 m2)
50 rm: 127 cm x 50 rm (63.5 m2), roll-packed

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