Roof repair with WP7 Universal Roof Sealing

Do you have a leaking or damaged roof? That's annoying, of course, but fortunately you can repair the roof yourself easily and quickly with Tec7 WP7 Universal Roof Sealing. The MS hybrid polymer is easily spreadable and rapidly hardens into a long-life sealing membrane. It can even be applied to a slightly damp substrate and is rainproof after just two hours!


You can use WP7 Universal Roof Sealing for the following applications:

  • Sealing roof details such as penetrations, connections, transitions, edges and sides.
  • Renovation of roof elements and small flat roofs.
  • Repairing leaks in EPDM foil, lead flashings, zinc and copper work.
  • Protecting underground garden timber.

Instructions for use

We will explain step by step how to use Tec7 WP7 Universal Roof Sealing and how best to prepare the substrate.


Step 1. Preparing the substrate

Apply WP7 to a clean and stable substrate that is free of grease and dirt. You may degrease with acetone or Tec7 Cleaner. The substrate may be slightly moist. Corroded surfaces can be reinforced with a layer of Fixprimer.

Are you going to work on EPDM or other synthetic materials? Test the adhesion first. Discolouration and/or loss of adhesion may occur on bituminous materials.

Always first reinforce weak spots, connections, seams and corners with Fiberglass tape. Reinforce larger surfaces as a whole with Fiberglass reinforcement mesh.

Step 2. Processing

Mix the can of WP7 thoroughly and apply it with a spatula or brush in 1 layer with a minimum layer thickness of 1 mm. Spread the product evenly over the surface to be treated. Process the product between +5°C and +35°C. Consumption per mm layer thickness is 1 litre/m².

Step 3. Cleaning materials

Clean your tools immediately with Tec7 Cleaner. After curing you cannot clean it by hand, only mechanically. Clean your hands with RESION Cleaning Wipes.

Surplus product can be stored for a short time, provided it is sealed airtight.

Step 4. Curing

After 45 minutes, WP7 is tack-free and after 2 hours resistant to light rain. Full curing is 24 hours for a layer thickness of 2 mm and 72 hours for a layer thickness of 4 mm.

More technical information can be found in the technical datasheet.

More information about roof repair?

Do you still have questions after reading this article? Then contact our specialists, they will be happy to help you! Also take a look at the other products we offer from Tec7. This way, you are guaranteed to have the best products for your job!

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