Tec7 Floor Fix

  • 2-component epoxy mortar
  • 3x stronger than concrete
  • Packaging of 1 and 5 kg

Tec7 Floor Fix is a repair paste to repair holes and cracks in a floor. Floor Fix is an industrial trowelable 2-component epoxy mortar, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and 3 times stronger than concrete. This repair paste of Tec7 is too easy to apply without primer or extra base layers.

This epoxy mortar is applicable in all thicknesses and can be worked up to nil level without loss of strength or shrinkage. In addition, this product is resistant to heavy traffic, forklift trucks and transpalets.

Benefits Tec7 Floor Fix

  • 3 x stronger than concrete.
  • Can be applied without extra primer or ground coats.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Applicable in all thicknesses and can be worked up to nil level without loss of strength or shrinkage.
  • Resistant to heavy traffic, forklift trucks, pallet trucks.

Instructions for use

Pour the hardener (the entire bottle) into the epoxy mortar (bucket) and mix the base and hardener for about 2 minutes until a homogenous mass is obtained with a slowly rotating spindle. Never add water, cement or other products. Apply the Floor Fix with a smooting trowel to a clean, dry and stable substrate. After application, clean the tools used with  acetone.

Attention: the mortar and hardener are both in the bucket!


  • Repairing damage in industrial floors, roadways, garage floors, bridge decks, weighbridges, loading ramps, concrete joint noses, pits, etc.
  • Staircase and tile repair compound.
  • Fastening and broadside levelling of door rails, floor profiles, etc.
  • Sealing of wide cracks, fissures and other floor degradations. 

For all applications of Floor Fix epoxy mortar, please consult the technical documentation!

Product properties

Packaging: 1 kg and 5 kg (base + hardener).
 epoxy resin, polyamine hardener and acid washed, annealed quartz granulate.
Colour: concrete colour.
Harding: no shrinkage.
Processing time: approx. 1 hour.
Can be walked on: after 24 hours.
Machining: after 48 hours.
Chemical resistance: after 7 days.
Temperature resistance: permanent from -30°C to 50°C accidental 90°C. 
Mold resistance unloaded: 200°C Resists perfect steam cleaning.
Shelf life: minimum 1 year in closed packaging, store frost-free.
Safety measures: please consult the safety data sheet.

For all technical properties of Floor Fix, please refer to the technical documentation!

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