Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium

Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium (500 ml)
Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium (5 liter)
Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium (25L)
Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium (500 ml)
Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium (5 liter)
Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium (25L)
  • Professional polishing paste
  • Medium grain
  • Restores the surface to new

Give your boat a beautiful shine with Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium. Dulon 15 is a professional polishing compound with a medium granular formula. It restores weathered, chalky, discoloured, aged and dull surfaces. I t can be used on hard surfaces like gelcoat, painted steel and wood and stainless steel. In addition, Dulon 15 is used to remove scratches, stripes and stubborn stains.

Tip: for heavily weathered surfaces, use Dulon 14 (Compound Strong) and for slightly weathered surfaces, use Dulon 16 (Compound Fine).

Benefits of Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium

  • Restores surfaces to new condition.
  • Removes scratches, stubborn stains and stripes.
  • Easy to process and economical to use.
  • Can be used manually or mechanically.

Instructions for use

Dulon 15 Rubbing Compound Medium is easy to use. You can easily apply it manually or mechanically. 500 ml will treat 10-15 meter vessel. If necessary, pre-treat the surface with Dulon 22 (Hull & Waterline Clean 22) to remove scale and brownish/yellow marine deposits.

  • Use Predulon 00 to clean the surface from dirt, grease, oils and traces of old wax and silicone coatings.
  • Apply Dulon 15 with a damp cloth, sponge or polishing machine with a rotary motion.
  • Do this until the desired result has been acquired.
  • Let the polishing paste dry until a white haze appears.
  • Buff off using a dry, clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Treat the polished surface afterwards with Dulon 1&2 of Dulon 19 (Premium Boat Wax) for long-lasting protection.

For mechanical application, we refer to the technical documentation of Dulon 15.


Consumption: 500 ml is suitable for a boat length of 10-15 metres
Processing temperature:
5-25 °C
store frost-free in a dark and dry place

  • 0.5 litres
  • 5 litrs
  • 25 litres

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