Variopox injection resin

Variopox injectable epoxy
Variopox injectable epoxy
  • Very thin-flowing epoxy
  • Penetrates deeply into wood
  • Can be used as a primer coat

Variopox injection resin is a solvent-free primer based on a low-viscosity epoxy resin. The 2-component injection resin is suitable for impregnating end-grain wood, hardwood, softwood, cement and other absorbent substrates. Variopox injection resin is often used as an epoxy primer. Due to its low viscosity, the injection resin penetrates the substrate well.

The injection epoxy is paintable and improves the adhesion of Variopox Impregnating resin, Variopox Universal resin, IJmopox ZF primerIJmopox HB coatingDouble Coat and Variopox Roll coating.

Benefits of Variopox injection resin

  • First layer in preservation systems and adhesive bonds for wood, osmosis repair systems for polyester and epoxy systems for cement-bound floors.
  • Reduces absorption of highly absorbent substrates.
  • Promotes adhesion of subsequent layers of epoxy or polyurethane coatings.
  • Sandable.
  • Good resistance to water immersion and various chemicals.


Examples of applications for injectable epoxy:

  • Boat hulls (underwater).
  • Window frames.
  • Timber structures.
  • Concrete basements.
  • Concrete floors.

After injection, the substrate can be further treated with epoxy in combination with glass fabric and can be finished with DD Paint.

Product properties

Size: 750 ml, 7.5 kg
Suitable for: polyester, wood and woodcore
Mixing ratio: 2:1 (67 g resin, 33 g hardener)
Processing temperature: 15 to 25°C
Pot life: approx. 30 minutes
Dust-dry after: 6 hours
Paintable after: 24 hours
Consumption: 150-250 grams per square metre (depending on porosity)
Shelf life: 1 year (stored at 15-20°C in the dark)

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