Biaxial Glass Fabric Tape 250

Glass Fabric Tape Biax 250 (compilation)
Glass Fabric Tape Biax 250
Glass Fabric Tape Biax 250 (compilation)
Glass Fabric Tape Biax 250
  • Suitable for epoxy and polyester
  • Laminate thickness: 0.3 mm
  • Width: 12.5 cm

Biaxial glass fabric tape 250 gr/m2 in a width of 12.5 cm. This glass fabric tape is ideal for corner reinforcements, repairs, wrapped products, etc. This glass fabric tape is cut in the factory. This guarantees high quality and prevents variations in width. In addition, the material is thus not frayed or contaminated by sawn cardboard remnants.

Biaxial glass fabric tape is suitable for use in combination with polyester resinepoxy resin and vinylester resin and has a resin consumption of approximately 30 grams per metre. After laminating, Biaxial glass fabric tape 250 has a thickness of 0.34 mm.

Product properties

Weight: 250 gr/m2
Width: 12.5 cm
Weave type: biaxial (Biax +/- 45)
Suitable resin: polyester resin, epoxy resin and vinylester resin
Resin consumption: approx. 30 g per running metre (235 g/m2)
Laminate thickness: approx. 0.34 mm
Type of supply:

  • 5 m: 12.5 cm x 5 m (folded)
  • 20 m: 12.5 cm x 5 metres (4 pieces, folded)
  • 50 m: 12.5 cm x 50 metres (roll-packed)



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