Mixing epoxy using the 2-cup mixing method

For a good casting quality, it is important that the epoxy is prepared correctly. In this article we explain which steps are necessary for preparing and mixing epoxy according to the 2-cup mixing method. By following these steps, your epoxy will always be well prepared and you will prevent problems during the curing process.

Why should you use the 2-cup mixing method?

Proper mixing is one of the most important steps during the making of epoxy. After all, to start the chemical reaction, it is necessary to mix the base and hardener properly. If you don't do this carefully, the epoxy may not cure sufficiently and it will remain sticky.

With the two-cup mixing method, you add an extra action to the mixing process by pouring the epoxy into a new mixing cup. This way, the bottom layer in the mixing cup will be on top and you are assured that everything is perfectly mixed.

Mixing epoxy using the 2-cup mixing method

In the video below, Arne shows how to apply the 2-cup mixing method:

  1. Weigh both components with a digital scale.
  2. Mix the epoxy thoroughly for about 3 minutes.
  3. Pour the epoxy into a new mixing container.
  4. Mix both components well.


For the two-cup mixing method, you will need the following products:

Step 1. Weigh both components with a digital scale

Weigh both components in the correct mixing ratio. Use a (digital) scale for this, so that you can maintain the ratio accurately. You can always find the mixing ratio on the packaging of the hardener (B component). 

Tip: having trouble finding the right ratio? On the product page of our RESION epoxy resins, you will find a mixing schedule under 'documents' in which you can easily read the correct quantities.

Step 2. Mix the epoxy well for about 3 minutes

Mix the epoxy well with a mixing spatula for about 3 minutes. Do you notice after 3 minutes that the components are not yet well mixed? Then continue mixing. Don't forget to take care of the bottom and side of the mixing bowl while mixing. To avoid air bubbles in the resin, be careful not to mix too quickly.

Step 3. Pour the epoxy into a new mixing cup

Pour the epoxy into a new mixing cup. This will bring the bottom layer to the top of the mixing bowl.

Did you know that you can reuse RESION mixing cups? Let the resin harden completely and then gently squeeze it out of the mixing cup.

Step 4. Mix both components again

Now mix both components thoroughly for 3 minutes. Again, scrape well down the bottom and side of the mixing bowl. After this, the epoxy is ready for processing.

Good luck!

More information on mixing epoxy?

Do you have questions about mixing epoxy? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are happy to give you advice and answer all your questions! 

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