Silicone casting rubber 1:1 Shore 15

Silicone casting rubber 1:1 Shore 15
Silicone casting rubber 1:1 Shore 15
  • Flexible silicone rubber
  • Easily miscible 1:1
  • Food Safe

RESION Silicone casting rubber 1:1 (Shore 15) is a high quality product for making silicone molds. The casting rubber is of high quality, strong, flexible, food safe and has a simple mixing ratio of 1:1. This makes weighing, mixing and processing very easy. Silicone casting rubber Shore 15 is recommended if you are going to make your own casting molds for epoxy.

Features of Shore 15 rubber

RESION Silicone casting rubber possesses good tensile strength, ductility and elasticity. This makes the silicone very tear resistant. Molds made from Shore 15 rubber therefore have a long life. Casting rubber Shore 15 is a flexible silicone variant and its low viscosity makes it easy to cast molds without bubbles.

After curing, silicone rubber has good resistance to epoxy resin, polyester casting resins, polyurethane castig resins, plaster, concrete, etc. It also has good heat resistance and low shrinkage.

Looking for silicone rubber in other shores? We also supply 1:1 mixable variants in Shore 8 (very flexible)Shore 25 (slightly flexible) and Shore 40 (hard).

Processing of silicone rubber

  • Weigh the base (component A) and hardener (component B) carefully with a scale in the mixing ratio 1:1 (by weight). 
  • Mix both components thoroughly (not too intensely) for approximately 3 minutes using a mixing spatula. Do not forget to scrape along the sides and bottom of the mixing cup. Then pour the mixture into a new mixing container and mix thoroughly once more.
  • After this, the silicone rubber is ready to use! The processing time is approximately 10 minutes and the recommended processing temperature is 20°C. At higher temperatures, the curing process will take longer. At higher temperatures, curing will be faster and air bubbles will escape less easily. At cold temperatures curing will be slower.
  • The silicone rubber is cured after approximately 8 hours. 

 This silicone rubber can easily be made into a brushable or spatterable silicone by adding a few percent of silicone thickener.


Set Basis (SR1-15A) Hardener (SR1-15B)
1 kg 0.5 kg 0.5 kg
2 kg 1 kg 1 kg
6 kg 3 kg 3 kg
20 kg 10 kg 10 kg
200 kg 100 kg (10x 10kg) 100 kg (10x 10kg)
400 kg 200 kg 200 kg

Specific weight: 1.02 kg/dm3
Hardness: Shore 15 (flexible)
: component A Blue, component B White
Food safe: yes
Temperature resistance: 200℃ long-term, 300℃ short-term
Processing time: 10 minutes
Processing temperature: 20°C
Curing time (tack free): 8 hours
Shelf life: 2 years (with closed packaging)
Litres: 1 kg silicone rubber equals 1 litre

Buy silicone rubber for molds

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