Glass fabric 200 gr/m2

Glass fabric 200 gr/m2
Glass fabric 200 gr/m2 (package)
Glass fabric 200 gr/m2 (fiber)
Glass fabric 200 gr/m2
Glass fabric 200 gr/m2 (package)
Glass fabric 200 gr/m2 (fiber)
  • Suitable for epoxy and polyester
  • Very low resin absorption
  • Does not crease, smooth finish

Glass fabric 200 g/m2 is the most commonly used type of glass fabric and offers high tensile strength. Due to the structure of the universal fabric, this type of glass fabric has a higher tensile strength compared to glass fibre mats (CSM). In addition, glass tissue absorbs significantly less resin. This results in a light and solid construction.

The resin absorption is about one and a half times the total weight. So with glass fabric 200 gr/m2 you need around 300 grams of resin per square metre. The square fabric is excellent for use with both polyester resin and epoxy resin. Use a velor roller to apply the resin to the glass fabric.


Glass fabric 200 grams is often used for cladding wooden objects, such as plywood. In addition, you can also use this type of fabric for waterproofing wet rooms. Due to the way the fabric is woven, glass fabric is particularly suitable for straight surfaces. As a result, the square weave does not crease and can be tightly laminated.


Weight: 200 gr/m2
Weave type: 
square weave
 0.3 mm
Resin consumption: 
approx. 300 gr/m2
Suitable resin: polyester resin, vinylester resin and epoxy resin
Dimensions: 100 cm width                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Type of supply:

  • 1 rm: 100 cm x 1 rm (1 m2)
  • 5 rm: 100 cm x 5 rm (5 m2)
  • 20 rm: 100 cm x 5 rm (20 m2), 4 pieces, folded
  • 20 rm: 100 cm x 20 rm (20 m2), roll-packed
  • 100 rm: 100 cm x 100 rm (100 m2), roll-packed

Supplied folded in a bag or rolled in a tube

Suitable for: model making, floors, panels, straight shapes.

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