Perforated film for resin infusion

Release film for resin infusion
Perforated film for resin infusion
Release film for resin infusion
Perforated film for resin infusion
  • Specifically for resin infusion
  • For epoxy and polyester
  • Special PK perforation

Perforated film for vacuum injection of laminates with epoxypolyester and vinylester (resin infusion). This perforated foil from Stevik is very strong, stretchable and provided with a PK perforation, making this product ideally suited for vacuum injection. The perforated film for Resin Infusion is self-releasing and can therefore be used directly on the laminate. Of course it is also possible to work with peel ply.

The recommended vacuum level is 0.95-0.995 bar negative pressure (5-50 mbar abs).

Looking for perforated film for 'Wet Bagging'? Please use 'Perforated film for Wet Bagging'


  • Suitable for epoxypolyester and vinylester.
  • Special PK perforation for Resin Infusion.
  • Self-releasing.
  • Very strong.


Color: blue or red
Maximum temperature: 125 ºC
Recommended vacuum level: 0.95-0.995 bar negative pressure
brand: Stevik
Mode of supply:

  • Roll 150 cm x 5 metres(7,5 m2)
  • Roll 150 cm x 20 metres (30 m2)
  • Roll 150 cm x 100 metres (150 m2)
  • Roll 150 cm x 250 metres (375 m2)

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