Antifouling International Cruiser One

Antifouling International Cruiser One
Antifouling International Cruiser One
  • Self-sharpening antifouling
  • Easy to use
  • Little build-up of layer thicknes

Are you searching for International Cruiser One antifouling? Then you're at the right place at Polyestershoppen. We offer a wide range of International products on our website for optimal boat maintenance. We sell antifouling from 0.75 litres up to 5 litres! We deliver from stock. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery, so you can use the antifouling as soon as possible. Do you have any questions about this product? We are happy to help. Please contact us.

International Cruiser One Antifouling 

International Cruiser One is a self-sharpening antifouling suitable for use in fresh and brackish water. Cruiser One is copper based and is suitable for sailing and motorboats (up to 25 knots). This product is perfect for polyester (gelcoat), wood and steel. This self-sharpening, copper-based antifouling prevents the growth of algae, smallpox and other organisms. Due to the self-sharpening properties, any fouling organisms are quickly removed.

In many cases it is possible to apply Cruiser One antifouling over your old system. Read more about this in the technical documentation. Does your old system consist of many (unknown) layers of antifouling? We recommend that you first remove these using a vacuum scraper or a Tercoo rotary blaster with dust cap and spacer.

Note: International Cruiser One is copper-based and cannot be applied on aluminum surfaces!

Benefits of Cruiser One antifouling

If you decide to use International Cruiser One antifouling, you will immediately enjoy some great advantages. We have listed them for you:

  • Suitable for sailing and motor boats (up to 25 knots).
  • Extremely suitable for polyester (gelocat), wood and steel.
  • Can be applied up to 6 months before launching.
    Builds up little layer thickness (self-sharpening antifouling).

Product properties

Colours: red, black, dark blue, off-white (note: off-white only available in 0.75 litre)
0.75 litre & 5 litres
Suitable for:
boats up to 25 knots (46 km/h)
Use with:
roller or brush
Specific gravity:
476 g/ltr
Bonding time:
after 30 minutes (at 23°C)
Launching time:
after 8 hours (at 23°C)
Shelf life:
2 years                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Consumption:

  • approx. 6,5 m2 for 0,75 litre
  • approx. 45 m2 for 5 litres

Pretreatment polyester: Gelshield 200 or Primocon
Pretreatment wood: Primocon, Interprotect or HB coating
Pretreatment metal: Primocon, Interprotect or ZF primer

For more information on application, use and safety, please check the Technical and safety documentation

We have a number of recommendations for working safely with polymers. At Polyestershoppen you will not only find the polymers themselves, but you can also purchase all the protective equipment you need from us. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our customer service. We can give you advice on how to work safely with polymers.

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