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The Impermax B1K and Impermax LY are liquid 1-component roof coverings that can be used for many applications such as waterproofing roof ducts or complete roofs. In this... More information
We can imagine you could use some tips when you are just starting out with epoxy. After all, working with this material involves much more than simply mixing two liquids and pourin... More information
You may have seen it passing by: dried flowers encased in a transparent layer of epoxy. Gorgeous! We therefore regularly get questions about how to cast these flowers in epoxy. In... More information
What types of antifouling are there? And how do you apply the right antifouling to your boat? In this information article you will find everything about antifouling. Would you like... More information
High energy bills? Time to do something about it! Of course, there are many steps you can take to make your home more energy-friendly. In many old houses or old barns, the slopin... More information
Do you no longer like the tiles in your bathroom or worse: do you have leaks along the joints? Then an epoxy floor in your bathroom offers an excellent and modern solution. One of... More information
You recently bought epoxy or polyester  and you may be wondering whether it is wise to work with polyester or epoxy during tropical temperatures. In this articl... More information
Do you suffer from epoxy that does not harden, remains sticky or does not adhere? In this article we highlight the most common mistakes when working with epoxy. Working with e... More information
When getting started with epoxy resin, you can calculate your required amount of epoxy yourself. But how do you do this? To determine how much epoxy you need, it is important to kn... More information
You can easily make a plaster cast of your hand or foot yourself. This way you can immortalize memories of loved ones forever in a beautiful statue. In this DIY manual we explain w... More information
In this article, you will read step by step how to make a unique epoxy coffee table with a floating piece of wood. Create a real eye-catcher for your home, business space or rest... More information
You may have seen them, coin floors. These floors often consist of hundreds of five euro cents next to each other. Some people even go so far as to create patterns using the color... More information
What is the best boat paint and which boat paint is suitable for my boat and how do you apply a paint system? We regularly receive similar questions about painting boats, yachts an... More information
Are you getting started making epoxy art (Resin Art)? Then we would like to help you get started. At Polyestershoppen you will find everything you need to get started with your Res... More information
A thick layer of epoxy creates a glass-like layer on the wood that gives a nice depth effect. It accentuates the wood's markings and protects the wood from influences of moi... More information
Want to lay a super sleek epoxy floor or repair a coating but don't know where to start? In this article, we will help you choose the right type of epoxy floor. We have made a ha... More information
When working with products such as polyester, epoxy or polyurethane, a primer comes in handy. This is because the surface you are working on needs to be roughened and cleaned, afte... More information
Plastic shower trays sometimes become damaged through use, renovations or age. In this article we discuss the most common damages and show you how you can easily repair them yourse... More information
Gelcoat repair for your boat Do you have damage to the gelcoat of your boat and do you want to repair it? No problem, then you have come to the right place at Polyestershoppen. We... More information
Would you like to repair cracks, scratches or holes in your polyester boat? Then read this article quickly! We would like to explain to you what you can do to repair cracks, scratc... More information
Everything for your boat! At Polyestershoppen, you will find everything you need to prepare your boat for a new boating season. Even if you are going to renovate your boat, yo... More information
You have a beautiful photo on a canvas background. To protect the photo from scratches and weather influences (such as yellowing from UV light), you can finish it with a crystal-cl... More information
Bathrooms, toilet rooms and other washrooms can be treated with Polyester or Epoxy for waterproofing. Do you use Polyester or Epoxy for walls? Both materials produce waterproof r... More information
Which casting resin do I need? We are happy to answer that question. In this article you can read which casting resins are most suitable for your end goal. In the table below, you... More information
Personal protection. We regularly receive questions about personal protection when working with epoxy and polyester, for example. For example, do you have to wear a fume mask while... More information
Polyester resins and epoxy resins cure by mixing 2 components together. It is important to weigh out the 2 components correctly and mix them well to achieve the best possible resul... More information
In recent times, the popularity of epoxy tables has increased enormously. This concerns bar tops, kitchen worktops or tabletops that are finished with a hard, transparent layer of... More information
If you work with polyester and epoxy resins on a regular basis, it is customary to clean all tools such as vent rollers, japan spatulas etc. after your job. Tha... More information
At Polyestershoppen, you will find all the information you need about epoxy for beginners. Would you like to work with epoxy resin but don't you know where to start? No problem, we... More information

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