IJmopox HB Coating

IJmopox HB Coating
IJmopox HB Coating (4kg)
IJmopox HB Coating
IJmopox HB Coating (4kg)
  • 2-component epoxy coating
  • Osmosis protection
  • Resistant to salt water

IJmopox HB Coating is a low-solvent protective epoxy coating. This coating is used to protect against osmosis and corrosion on various metals and polyester. IJmopox HB Coating is resistant to many chemicals and salt water and is also often used as a primer for further finishing with DD Paint High Gloss or DD Paint Silk Gloss. In case of application on wood we advise to pre-treat the wood with Variopox Injectectable Resin.

When used on wood, we recommend pre-treating the wood with Variopox Injectie Resin first. For metal substrates, we recommend pre-treating the surface with IJmopox ZF Primer.

You can apply several layers of De IJssel HB coating on top of each other without sanding. If the substrate consists of a one-component paint system, it should first be removed and then roughened with sandpaper grain 120-180.

Benefits of IJmopox HB Coating

  • Good protection against corrosion (steel) and osmosis (polyester).
  • Good resistance to various chemicals and (salt) water.
  • Directly paintable with most types of antifouling.
  • Low-solvent.
  • Easy to process.

Product properties

Colour: white, black and grey
0.75L and 4L (base + hardener)
Mixing ratio: 
83 parts by weight of resin and 17 parts by weight of hardener
Processing temperature: 5 - 25°C
Processing time: 5 hours
Dust dry after: 2 hours
Recoating interval: 
after 8 hours
brushroller or spray
Thinner: IJmopox thinner (5-10%)
approx. 7m2 per litre
Shelf life: 
separate components, stored cool and dry in original packaging, minimum 12 months

View our technical information sheet for more information about IJmopox HB Coating.

More information about IJmopox HB Coating?

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