Which boat paint do you need? The right paint system for your boat!

What is the best boat paint and which boat paint is suitable for my boat and how do you apply a paint system? We regularly receive similar questions about painting boats, yachts and other surfaces. And that, of course, is very understandable. After all, a boat is exposed to different weather conditions that can greatly affect a surface. A boat varnish protects the surface and ensures a beautifully coloured boat. In this article, we address frequently asked questions about different boat paint systems.

Please feel free to contact our product experts if you have any questions. We will be happy to give you tailored advice to make your job a success! 

What is boat paint?

Boat paint (also called yacht varnish or boat varnish) is a paint system specifically developed for use on boats and yachts. A boat varnish is used as a decorative coating on the hull above the waterline and also has a protective function. In fact, yacht varnish offers protection against sunlight and has wear-, scratch- and impact-resistant properties. At Polyestershoppen, you will find both 1-component systems and 2-component systems.

Characteristics of boat paint

  • High weather resistance. 
  • Wear, scratch and impact resistant.
  • UV resistant.
  • Water resistant. 
  • Gloss retention.

Polyester boat painting: which paint system?

Which boat paint do you need when painting your polyester boat? Below we list different applications with a link to the appropriate paint systems.

Application Products
Boat paint for above the waterline (topcoat)
Protective layer over paint (above water)
Lacquer to treat the deck (anti-slip)
Lacquer for wooden exterior
Lacquer for woorden interior
Gelcoat repair above and underwater (polyester boat)

Double Coat DD Lacquer (2-component topcoat)

Double Coat DD Lacquer is a high-quality 2-component topcoat from De IJssel. This highly popular varnish is specially developed for boats and consists of a 2-component PU with high scratch resistance and weathering resistance. The yacht varnish is used for everything above the waterline. This is because this lacquer is not resistant to prolonged contact with fresh, salt or brackish water. So use it only for applications above the waterline. DD Varnish is available in all RAL colours in high glosssatin gloss and matt gloss.

With 1 kg of DD Lacquer you can treat a area of about 10m2. In certain cases it is advisable to first apply a layer of primer first, such as HB coating or ZF primer  on metal surfaces. Check the technical documentation for this or contact us.

International Toplac Plus (1-component topcoat)

Toplac Plus is a high-quality boat paint from International. The 1-component topcoat is available in 24 colors and features built-in UV filters for long-term sunlight protection. Its unique chemical structure and updated formula eliminate the need to smooth the surface with a brush. International's boat varnish is suitable for use on all substrates.

Use International One Up as a primer before you get started with Toplac Plus. By using both products, you create a top quality paint system! View the technical documentation of International Toplac Plus for more information and processing instructions.

Polyester topcoat

RESION Polyester Topcoat, also known as "polyester topcoat", is a thick coating widely used to finish fiberglass laminates. For example, if you have made a new mirror out of polyester, you then finish this on the inside with a topcoat.

In addition, topcoat is used for repairing cracks and scratches in gelcoat. For repairing gelcoat, we have put together a complete repair set including top coat in colour. We deliver polyester topcoat at lightning speed in any desired RAL colour.

Finishing with topcoat gives a light structure to the painted layer. Need a tighter finish? Then sand and polish the topcoat. It is possible to apply topcoat below the waterline. For antifouling properties, also apply an antifouling system.

want to buy boat paint?

At Polyestershoppen you will find various yacht paints from high-quality brands such as Double Coat (De IJssel)International and Epifanes. The combination of user-friendliness and premium quality ensures a high-quality end result.

All boat paints are delivered quickly from stock. Do you order before 5:30 PM Dutch time and are all products in stock? Then we will send the products the same day. We make DD Lacquer in different colours ourselves, which means that all colours are dispatched at lightning speed.

Ordering boat paint at Polyestershoppen

  • Available in all RAL colours (DD Lacquer). 
  • We produce DD varnish in all colours (non-RAL colours also possible).
  • Ordered before 5:30 PM Dutch time, shipped the same day.

More information about boat paint?

Do you have any questions about boat paint? Please feel free to contact our product experts! Call +31 850220090 or email support@polyestershoppen.com. We will be happy to help you make your project a success!